Building Campaign Break Down & Updates
Amount Raised to date: $43,312
Current Need: $194,083
Our Current Financial Priorities:
  • ›Roof: $93,650
  • ›Atrium Structural Fix: $25,000
  • ›Atrium Painting: $8700
  • ›Main Level Carpet renewal: $45,000
  • ›Traver House Repairs (Roof/Mold): $20,000
  • ›Upgrade Main Floor Restrooms: $30,000
  • ›Atrium Fountain Repairs/Makeover: $10,000


Praise God for our newly repaired and painted roof!!! This repair, as well as most, are necessities for our building functionality. With winter upon us, we should be safe from further damages and leaks. However the cost of this repair comes at a $price$. Please prayerfully consider assisting your church in covering these costs. 
Cost: 93,650

›Atrium Structural Fix:

Our beautiful Atrium has been an architectural beauty for decades. With time and wear from our Michigan winters, it is in need of repair on the right side. This fix is crucial to keeping our Atrium in good functioning order, as well as preventing further damages. 



Cost: $25,000
Atrium Painting:


Since the Atrium is the first thing you see when you enter the church, it is important to have a good first impression in keeping with the times.  We want to give our main gathering area a new look with a tint to it's white walls.
Cost: $8700
Fountain Repair/Remodel:
Atrium Fountain

Atrium Fountain | Outdated decor


Cracked and chipped marble tiles


Damaged carpet from the leaks

Cracked marble throughout the fountain

Cracked marble throughout the fountain

Fountain Repairs/Remodeling:
Our current fountain in the Atrium holds as a beautiful "centerpiece". Unfortunately, with age it is in major need of remodeling and repairs. It currently is unusable due to its many cracks and leaks. It has caused water damage to our carpet and mold. The sound of the fountain running on a Sunday morning has always been a beautiful sound that we want to restore again! Our Creative Director has beautiful plans for bringing this fountain back to life! If you or someone you know has experience in working with fountains and would be willing to donate there skills/time for this project please contact Leah Huckins at
Estimated cost: $5,000
 New Carpet:




Our carpet has held up great over the years! However, there are stains, ripples, worn spots, and places where the carpet is coming up off of the floor (we have had several incidents from people tripping and hurting themselves) from everyday use. Our pink and teal is out of date as well and it is time for a change. We are currently looking at replacing our entire Atrium area, children's hallways and balcony hallway carpets. We have done our homework and we are getting great efficient and cost effective carpet.
Cost: $45,000

 Upgrade main floor restrooms:

We desperately need to update our main level restrooms. From dated pink doors and wallpaper we want to give it a fresh, timeless, new look that will last for years to come!!



Cost: $30,000
Traver House Repairs (Roof/Mold):
The Traver House- the house that has been a huge blessing to many pastors and staff throughout the years. There has been mold detected in the basement of the home that is in need of an immediate fix in order to make it safe to live there.
Cost: $20,000